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Store By The Box

From $3.00 To $5.00 A Month Per Box

Box Crate Drawing Wider With Dimensions.

How Utah Box Rental Store By The Box Works

Utah Box Rental Stack of Boxes.jpg

Order Boxes

First you need to order some boxes. You can order boxes from us by clicking on Order Now.

Utah Box Rental Packing Box Open.JPG

Pack Your Items

Pack your items carefully and then place a seal or a lock on each end of your boxes.

Box Storage.jpg

We Store Your Boxes

Once your boxes are ready for storage you can deliver them to our facility or we can pick them up. 


What Items Can I Store?

Shoes, clothes, DVD's, CDs, Christmas decorations, antiques, camping equipment, winter gear, important documents, or anything that will fix in the box. If it's not hazardous or perishable, we can store it.

Utah Box Rental Locking Box.jpg

How Do I Get My Boxes?

Once you’ve scheduled an access with our office. We can have your boxes available at our facility within 2 hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. We can also have your boxes delivered to you within 2 hours.

Need Extra Storage Space But Don't Want To Rent A Whole Storage Unit

Why Rent A Storage Unit When You Can Get The Convenience of Organized Box Storage At A Such A Low Cost. 

Cut Down On Clutter By Letting Us Store Your Christmas Decorations, Winter Gear, Camping Equipment, ETC. Using Our Organized And Easy To Access Service.

Drop Boxes Off, Pick Them Up, or Have Them Delivered And Picked Up From Your Home.

Keep Items Like Photos, Yearbooks, Collectibles, And Important Documents At An Offsite Secure Facility.

Fast Delivery In As Little As 2 Hours. (Thru Roadie Delivery)

Delivery And Pickup Available Along The Wasatch Front.

Directions To Our Office
We are conveniently located a few blocks north of I-80 (take the 700 East exit), and about half a mile east of I-15 (take the 2100 South exit) at 450 East 2200 South. For those who are familiar with the Sugar House area, we are directly south of St. Ann’s Catholic Church and School.
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